Lach workshop

22 en 25 september 2020

When you’re happy you laugh. But when you’re down you SHOULD laugh to get over this negative feeling. But what’s to laugh about after so many days alone at your home office or in an office where you miss most of your colleagues…? We will help you laugh out loud with our training. Wonder why we emphasise you need te laugh?

So join us at this interactive laugh workshop, The funniest energy booster for everyone working at WTC Utrecht or at home. This one-hour workshop is online (with Microsoft Teams). It is a perfect break, after this workshop you are fully energised, focused and ready to rumble.

Working at the office? Gather your colleagues, project this workshop on a big screen in a meeting room and find out who has the most catching laugh!

Our Laugh Coach Els Pfanny and moderator Marjolijn IJsseldijk will give 2 1-hour sessions;

Tuesday the 22nd of September – 13:30 h (Dutch)

Friday the 25th of September – 10:00 h (English)

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