Teambuilding Project Arrow

Well… get ready to play this hilarious online game, where connection and cooperation are key! The online February event is all about team building. This game is packed with puzzles, riddles, brain teasers and team challenges!

We start a little bit earlier than you’re used to, but this is a team building event, so this will help you in your daily job and your boss will be okay with it!

The story

The world is in a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. It’s up to you as a world leader, to fix this quickly. However, in the past it has turned out that you actually do not get along well at all with the other world leaders. To make sure the world doesn’t end, a team of specialists has developed an online tool called “Project Arrow”. This enables the world leaders to discover each other’s qualities in an efficient and professional manner and to use them in a race against time. Because, with the right cooperation, the biggest problems can be solved!

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